Your Safety is Our Passion

We realize safety is a priority.  But tradition and love are important too.  You shouldn't have to choose between safety and your wedding ring.

My grandfather on my mother's side lost two fingers because he was wearing a metal wedding ring.  It was caught on a garage door as it closed, and they could not be reattached.  My grandfather on my father's side slipped on a ladder, only to find that his metal ring had caught on the ladder and pulled the skin off of his finger.  They were able to save his finger, but it would have been so much better if these rings were available at the time.

Silicone wedding rings have become popular just for this reason - safety.  If you work with electricity, or in construction, you know the need for a flexible non-conductive ring.  And if you are active, a rubber ring can help improve your grip, while maintaining your comfort.  Give our rings a try.  You will be glad you did!