Ring Injuries Can Be Avoided

In 2015, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon famously injured his finger when his gold wedding ring was caught on the edge of a table when he fell.  After six hour of surgery, his hand remained in a large bandage for weeks.  

If such a short fall from a table can cause such a serious and painful injury, how much more a fall from a ladder, or an accident involving machinery.  Silicone wedding rings are a great way to prevent these types of injuries.  Such an inexpensive item can possibly save years of pain, and even prevent loss of use of a finger.

Because silicone rings are pliable, they do not cut into the skin when pulled, and can slip off the finger or the item on which they were caught.  Serious injury is much less likely with a silicone ring compared with a traditional metal ring.  

This holiday season, think of Dad, and get him a silicone ring.  It may save his finger!