About Us

Dad's Ring started in 2017 as a way to help others stay safe by avoiding ring-related injuries.  The founder of Dad's Ring was personally affected by ring-related injuries when both of his grandfathers suffered serious injuries from their metal wedding rings.  One grandfather caught his finger on a ladder when his foot slipped.  While his finger was torn very badly, doctors reattached it successfully.  His other grandfather caught his ring in a garage door.  Both of his fingers were severed, and could not be reattached.  

Inspired by the need for safer rings, our founder set out to help men just like his grandfathers avoid these needless painful injuries.  

At Dad's Ring, we look forward to helping you find a way to express your love and commitment, while staying safe and comfortable.  Not only are silicone rings safe, but they are comfortable to wear while at work, in the gym, or on the golf course.  They flex and won't dig into your finger like metal rings can.  They are non-conductive for electrical work, and they also provide a little bit of grip that might give you a slight advantage.

We are so glad you found us at Dad's Ring!  Come be part of the Dad's Ring family!